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28 October 2021

We inaugurated the 2000 easybox, the first parcel locker fully powered by solar energy and equipped with an air quality monitoring sensor

Bucharest, October 28. The easybox locker with number 2 000, which we inaugurated today, represents a premiere for Romania, being the first locker powered entirely by solar energy and equipped with an air quality sensor.

21 September 2021

Wind in the sails on #theopenway

Sailing brings, for most of us, summer thoughts and holiday nostalgia. There is, however, that category of enthusiasts who identify the essence of this sport and practice it full of enthusiasm both in their free time and in competitions.

22 April 2021

1000, with joy

It is already a well-known fact that we are not constantly concerned with keeping the path of quality deliveries open for our partners and their customers.

27 March 2020

Carefree delivery!

Sameday, one of the biggest players in the local courier market, is introducing a new home delivery service "worry free delivery" - which eliminates direct contact between the recipient and the courier. The new service allows the delivery of packages according to the recipient's requirement - in front of the door or in the reception, without being handed over directly, thus offering greater security, by limiting the sources with potential for spread of the new virus. The new service will be available starting Monday, March 30th.

24 March 2020

Solidarity message Sameday!

Because it is not a great time for anyone, we want to thank for their responsibility those who keep their job on the run. Every day in the front line, our couriers are making efforts to enjoy as much normality as possible under the current conditions.

9 March 2020

Black Friday 2019