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To become a Sameday partner you must have an active SRL or PFA and transport cars of any size. Further, grow the business as you wish, on the Sameday network.

Build a business at your own rhythm, with Sameday.

We are the courier company with the highest growth registered in 2018 and 2019. It is advancing with a strong team.

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    You have access to everything we've learned over time

    In over 12 years on the courier market, we have optimized work processes so that we offer a fast service, high quality. You will have access to all our solutions in the Sameday application system.

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    We support you to grow

    You have continuous advice on the operational processes that must be followed in order to reach the performance standards. We will help you understand the system through trainings and audit sessions.

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    Earnings tailored to your needs

    You benefit from a dynamic income, calculated on the basis of deliveries, parcel pick-ups and performance, with extra bonuses for delivering oversized packages. You have real-time access to your results and revenue.

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    Invest as much as you want

    You manage your business according to your own goals. You can choose the continuous development of your resources and thus you have the possibility to increase the delivery capacity and the income realized.

Success stories

People with beautiful stories sharing their experience.

  • author

    Ionut Tache


    ""Our experience with Sameday is an excellent and for the future one. Our partnership started 5 years ago and this fact not only changed my life, but my small business has evolved considerably I believe that the situations I found myself in, helped me acquire an objective view of myself. Furthermore, this collaboration with Sameday helped me acquire much need experience for my business and to strengthen self-confidence. And that is why I thank Sameday for the opportunity to develop together so that things only evolve for the better!”"

  • author

    Cezar Voica


    " "For us, the Sameday experience represented a new beginning in both our career and personal life. The collaboration started 3 years ago and I had no idea where we would end up. This business has made us move away, radically change our vision and perception of what surrounds us, facts but especially people. Thank you Sameday for giving us this wonderful experience, and not least for the wonderful people with whom we interacted in this collaboration.""

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