Same day delivery, within one of the predefined time frames

Deliver SAME DAY if you are in Bucharest and the surrounding areas and need fast courier with same day delivery at discounted rates. For orders booked until 11h and picked up until 13h, we guarantee you delivery within 3 time frames, starting 15h until 21h.

SAME DAY delivery

in Bucharest and the surrounding areas

  • Chiajna
  • Roșu
  • Dudu
  • Pantelimon
  • Dobroiești
  • Popești – Leordeni
  • Voluntari
  • Pipera
  • Fundeni
  • Cățelu


Deliver Next Day, anywhere in the country

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    Complete shipment management

    Everything about your deliveries a click away through the eAWB application.

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    SMS Notifications

    before delivery of the package.

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    Delivery of oversized products

    Safe delivery and transport of large items.

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    Extended delivery schedule

    From 9:00 to 21:00.

Extra Services

Customize the SAME DAY service to your needs

Package opening upon delivery

Before paying, you can check visually, not technically the content of the parcel.

Delivery on Saturday

Delivery on Saturday until 14:00.

Cash on Delivery Service

It guarantees the collection of the shipment value and the transfer of the money to the collector account.

Shipment insurance

Possibility to insure the shipment against the risks of damage or loss due to external causes.

EAWB Sameday Courier


Complete shipment management application

We offer the most modern web application for courier services. Customers can easily and quickly place orders.

Access eAWB application

It takes 5 minutes to become a Sameday customer!

Register online using the onboarding platform and start delivering!


SAME DAY service rates

Transparency regarding the price policy

  • First Local KG 25,0
  • Extra KG 2,5
  • Oversized product local fee * 30,0
  • 3rd delivery attempt 15,0
  • Redirection 15,0
  • Undelivered products return 15,0
  • Additional attempt to deliver oversized products * 80%
  • Oversized product redirection ** 80%
  • Undelivered oversized products return ** 80%
  • Collector account 5,0
  • Package insurance 1,0%
  • Package opening 2,0
  • Repackaging 6,0
  • Documents 25,0
  • Product in exchange ** 30,0

*Conditions for the oversized products fee

  • Weight > 38 kg.
  • Girth – Height + 2x Length + 2x Width > 340 cm

** From the initial rate


Sameday Courier reserves the right not to ensure delivery within the above-mentioned time limit, under the following conditions:

  • Unfavourable weather conditions (fog, blizzard, heavy snow, heavy rain, floods, yellow / orange / red code, glazed frost, closed / impassable roads, etc.);
  • Large volume of orders entered in the network, at certain times of the year (Christmas, Easter, Black Friday, March 1-8)

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