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Frequent questions

All AWBs associated with the phone number you used to register in SAMEDAY App will be visible in the application. However, if you used a different phone number for your order than the one used for app login, those AWBs will not be displayed, and it is necessary to install SAMEDAY App on all devices associated with the phone numbers linked to the orders.

In SAMEDAY App, the option to track the courier’s route in real-time becomes active up to a maximum of 2 hours before the delivery to your address, providing you with information about the number of stops the courier will make before reaching you. We will send you a notification when the option becomes active.

The card payment option in SAMEDAY App is available for all parcels with cash-on-delivery to your selected address. When the SAMEDAY courier is en route to you, within SAMEDAY App, you can access the ‘Pay’ button, and you will be redirected to the online payment area.
To easily use the card payment option in the future, you have the option to save multiple cards by accessing the ‘My Cards’ menu, where you can mark one of them as your favorite.
If you change your mind and wish to cancel a delivery that you’ve already paid for, don’t worry, we will refund the amount within 1-3 business days to the same card you used for the payment.

The option to extend the storage period by an additional 24 hours will be activated from the moment the parcel is loaded into easybox by a SAMEDAY courier. Access the AWB (Air Waybill) for which you want to extend the easybox storage period, and you will find all the details there.

Install SAMEDAY App or visit the page www.send-parcels-easyway.sameday/?lang=en and create a delivery request in just a few moments. Here’s how:
– Fill out the delivery form in just 4 simple steps;
– Go to any easybox;
– Scan the QR code you received via e-mail and drop off the parcel in any easybox;
– The recipient collects the parcel from the chosen easybox, makes the payment (if you opted for cash-on-delivery), and we transfer the money to you within 3-5 calendar days from the pickup.

The rate starts from 14.99 RON per delivery. You can find more details about rates and additional options here. All costs associated with a delivery will be displayed in the delivery request and calculated upon completion.

Reasons why the entered PIN is not accepted by the easybox may include:

    • You are at a different easybox than the one you selected. You can check if the easybox name in the email matches the one displayed on the left side of the screen.
    • If your PIN contains 0 and 1 or the letters O and I, make sure they are entered correctly.
    • Your parcel is no longer in the easybox.
    • Make sure you try to pick up the parcel before the storage period expires. You can check the storage time by accessing the link received via email from us. You can also check the storage time by accessing the link received via SMS/email from us or in the SAMEDAY App.

If you’re not in the situations mentioned above but still receive the same message, we encourage you to contact us via SAMY, our virtual assistant, which you can find on

You can get information about your parcel directly from our website,, by accessing the ‘Check AWB’ section. Enter your AWB number in the search field to find out your parcel’s status. Through the SAMEDAY App, you can track your parcel’s route in real-time. Create an account, log in, and on the main screen, you’ll see your parcels and their current status. Additionally, with the SAMEDAY App, you can access the history of parcels delivered by Sameday in the last 90 days.

The return PIN is valid for any of our easyboxes, so you can go to the nearest one to you. The PIN is valid for a limited period of time. You can check its validity anytime by accessing the information provided by the seller.

You need to contact us through one of the communication channels and provide us with the AWB number of the shipment along with the email address to which you want us to resend the document.

We recommend that you contact the sender or access the link received via email or SMS.