Terms and Conditions for the provision of national postal services via locker/easybox systems

Through these services, Sameday offers its customers an optimal solution for the fast delivery of small and medium-sized postal items (parcels) through a fully automated delivery system, respectively through Easybox locker-type automatic machines, consisting of an automatic terminal made of metal, in the shape of a cabinet containing several storage compartments (boxes), secured in multiple ways, accessible to customers 24/7 based on a code.

The postal and courier services are regulated by the provisions of OUG no. 13/2013 on the provision of postal services, as well as by the General Conditions for the Provision of Postal Services approved by ANCOM (which can be found on the website https://sameday.ro/termeni-si-condiții/).

Locker/easybox features and benefits:

  • ensures the notice of the recipients via email and a SAMEDAY App notification – at the time of loading the parcels in the locker’s boxes (compartments), regarding the locker’s access data.
  • ensures the recipients’ access to the delivered parcels, 24/7, depending on the location of the locker and their strategic location, according to the information available on https://sameday.ro/modalitati-de-ambalare/.
  • offers the possibility for the shippers to enter the parcels related to orders generated through the eAWB application into the Sameday network.
  • is equipped with a display that allows customers access to its boxes based on a QR CODE or PIN.
  • it is equipped with electronic locks and an integrated video surveillance system.
  • it can be used both for the delivery of parcels to the recipients and for their return to the senders.
  • it has the following components and dimensions:
    • A standard locker has the dimensions (L*W*H) 350*80*215 cm and consists of 5 (five) storage columns and 1 (one) technical column, containing the ATM payment system, QR scan, PIN confirmation
    • A storage column consists of 10 (ten) boxes with the following dimensions: 2 (two) large boxes: 445 x 390 x 470 mm; 3 (three) medium-sized boxes; 445 x 200 x 470 mm and 5 (five) small-sized boxes: 445 x 100 x 470 mm
  • The maximum permissible weight of a parcel picked up via lockers is 20 kg.

Directions The users of the services offered by Sameday via lockers must consider the following directions:

  • not to leave the doors of the storage boxes (compartments) open.
  • not to leave/forget personal items in lockers (bank card, wallet, keys, etc.).
  • not to deliver – via lockers – parcels which are empty or contain goods other than those covered by the return to Sameday customers.
  • not to mark – through selections operated on the locker display – actions that they do not perform or which are not accurate.
  • in the case of orders that contain one or more parcels consolidated in the same box, the customer is required to carefully read the information provided on the display of the locker before picking up the parcels, and, in addition, the customer must ensure that the box is empty before closing its door and completing the delivery process.
  • recipients are prohibited from returning to the easybox the “return” status parcels without having expressly requested the performance of a new service related to this flow logic.

Such parcels are not considered postal items; they will not have any information in the Sameday IT system based on which the parcel can be processed in the Sameday network and, in conclusion, these “return” status parcels will be treated as products abandoned in the locker by the recipient.

  • In the case of “return” status parcels, for which a service order was placed, upon loading them into the locker, the customer is required to read the information on the locker display carefully and to ensure that the parcel is delivered correctly (respectively in the box allocated by the system), regardless of whether or not there is one or more boxes already open.

Conditions – The users of the services offered by Sameday via lockers must consider the following conditions:

  • Sameday, as a provider of postal and courier services, assumes no liability towards customers/Beneficiaries and payers of the services contracted and performed via lockers for any of the direct or indirect damages they may incur due to the failure to comply with the abovementioned provisions.
  • When the Beneficiary of a service, as a sender, requests the delivery, forwarding or return of a parcel from the recipient (and/or from third parties) via lockers, the Beneficiary is required to transmit to the recipient (and/or to the third parties) the transport document/AWB related to the parcel covered by the service, as well as the parcel packaging methods, posted on the websitehttps://sameday.ro/modalitati-de-ambalare/
  • The sender is responsible for following the size rules of the parcel, for the appropriate packaging (inside and outside) and correct marking thereof, so that the content is not affected (both during the transport and during the period in which it is stored in lockers).
  • If a parcel is not compliant with the dimensions of the locker box, as mentioned above, the parcel will be automatically classified and delivered based on the service “Locker to Home Delivery” (delivery to the destination, to the address specified by the recipient, via the Sameday courier), and the service will be charged according to the “Locker to Home Delivery” service charge.
  • Sameday assumes no liability for the parcel’s contents, and the parcel is loaded or delivered to the recipient via lockers, only if closed and sealed.
  • If the parcel is not packaged correctly and/or marked, the responsibility for its damage, the damage caused to the locker and/or its operating system, to the persons, or to the other parcels in the locker rests exclusively with the Beneficiary/sender.

Special products (cosmetic products, batteries, non-perishable food products) must observe the “Packaging methods and restrictions for transport via lockers” posted on the website https://sameday.ro/modalitati-de-ambalare/.

Delivery times of parcels via lockers:

  • The period of time in which the recipient of a parcel can pick it up from the locker is a maximum of 36 hours calculated from the receipt of the e-mail and the notification made through the SAMEDAY App informing him/her about the loading of the parcel in the locker by Sameday, with the exception of periods with operational loading (Black Friday, Christmas, Easter, etc.) when the pick-up period is a maximum of 24 hours. If the recipient does not pick up the parcel within the time limit specified above, Sameday will return the parcel to the sender, and the sender will bear the costs for the return.
  • Sameday allows its recipients to request via the SAMEDAY App an extension of the retention period of the postal item in the locker/easybox for a maximum period of 24 hours calculated in relation to the maximum period initially foreseen.
  • A parcel is delivered to the locker indicated on the AWB by the sender only if the chosen locker is available and has the free space required for the picking up and delivering the parcel. In the event that, at the time of delivery of the parcel, the selected locker has the maximum loading capacity occupied, the parcel will be forwarded to another locker in the vicinity of the delivery locker initially selected and entered on the AWB. The recipient of the parcel is informed of all aspects of the parcel’s operational flow via email and notification received via the SAMEDAY App (both before the parcel is redirected to another locker and after the actual redirection).
  • A parcel can be delivered via lockers every day of the week, 24/7.
  • After Sameday loads the parcel in the locker, the recipient is informed both by e-mail and by the SAMEDAY App about the necessary information to have access to the locker in order to pick up the parcel ( QR code/e-mail/notification by SAMEDAY App, which will contain the PIN code).

Scanning the QR code by the recipient or entering the PIN code in the electronic system in the technical column of the locker will unlock the box where the parcel is stored. The process of picking up the parcel by the recipient is completed by ensuring that the recipient closes the door of the box where the parcel was stored and by digitally ticking the screen and completing the process of picking up the parcel at the destination.

Payment of services performed via lockers

  • The payment on delivery services can only be made by using a bank card, through the easybox POS terminal, before the actual picking up of the parcel from the locker.
  • Some lockers do not allow payment upon parcel delivery by bank card.

Sameday disclaimer

Sameday assumes no liability in the following situations:

  • The recipient does not complete the process of picking up the parcel from the locker as provided above.
  • The recipient does not pick up all the parcels loaded in the box which are intended for them.
  • The parcel is picked up by a third party who has been given access to the box used, and the delivery process is completed.
  • The recipient loads personal items into the box.
  • The recipient loads (in order to return a parcel) the locker box where he/she found a parcel left unpicked from a previously incompletely delivered consignment, and the pickup process has been completed.
  • In the case of any complaint and notifications, Sameday will carry out internal investigations and send its resolution to the customer, and if such resolution is proven through the video images stored by the video system installed on the locker, these can only be disclosed in a legal procedural framework, in compliance with the GDPR (the European legislation on the protection of personal data).
  • The parcels are packed in packaging with inscriptions that are against public order or good morals, or the parcels consist of goods that are against public order or good morals, if they are delivered unpacked or in transparent packaging. *
  • The parcels have old labels or inscriptions that have not been removed. *
  • The parcels do not observe the dimensions and the maximum allowed weight. **

* The Sender/Beneficiary is solely responsible for ensuring the adequate packaging on the inside and outside of the parcel.

** The Sender/Beneficiary is solely responsible for checking the parcel’s dimensions and maximum allowed weight.

Packaging methods. Goods prohibited and restricted for transport via lockers

Sameday, as a provider of postal and courier services, wishes to prevent situations in which postal items (parcels) picked up can be damaged when they transit the postal network of lockers.

In this case, our partners must ensure that the postal items handed over to Sameday for transport and which are to be delivered via lockers are packed according to the following specifications, found on the website https://sameday.ro/modalitati-de-ambalare/.

Goods prohibited for transport, to be delivered via lockers

  • Cosmetic products
  • Tobacco products
  • Firearms or disassembled firearms, ammunition for firearms – regardless of type, shape or calibre
  • Explosive materials, toxic gases
  • Perishable products
  • Waste
  • Precious stones, jewellery made of precious metals
  • Ingots of any precious metal
  • Valuables (furs, watches, paintings, icons, collectable coins, etc.)
  • Money
  • Car batteries / General purpose batteries
  • Artwork, antiques, cheques, ready-to-use credit cards, postage stamps, valid phone cards
  • Drugs
  • Human organs
  • Live or dead animals
  • Human remains, including ashes

Substances prohibited for transport

  • Toxic substances
  • Infectious substances
  • Radioactive substances
  • Gases (flammable, toxic, non-flammable)
  • Substances subject to spontaneous combustion
  • Substances which release flammable gas in contact with water
  • Organic peroxides
  • Corrosive substances
  • Substances classified as “Dangerous substances” and/or ADR