Benefits available at any time, without having to stand in line.

Over 3800 easybox lockers are waiting for you to test and enjoy a simple and fast delivery experience.

Whether you are a sender or a recipient, we assure you that the easybox locker will conquer you. In addition, if you want to contribute to the extension of the easybox ‘family’ by placing a locker in your space, write us without a doubt.

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Adopt an easybox

An easybox locker installed in your space can bring you more advantages than you think.

  • Care for the environment, easybox is a green service;
  • Deliveries 24/7 in proximity, whenever you want, simple and fast, without having to stand in line. 
  • Increase the commercial potential of the area by attracting new customers.

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I have an outdoor space and I want to host an easybox

Discover the benefits that hosting a locker in your space can bring you! It’s not complicated at all, you’ll see.

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I own an online store and I want to use easybox

Take advantage of the most modern delivery method, with accelerated growth globally.

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