1000, with joy

It is already a well-known fact that we are constantly concerned with keeping the path of quality deliveries open for our partners and their customers.
It is less known, however, that at the end of March 2021 we extended the easybox service, by inaugurating the locker with number 1,000, located in Bucharest, on Lânăriei street no. 5.

We are glad that now the easybox network is present all over the country (but also beyond the borders, to the neighbors from Hungary), and this positions us as the operator of the largest delivery machine structure in Romania. About two and a half years have passed since the installation of the first locker in September 2018, but it has been two full years, with accelerated growth and efforts. In 2020 alone, we tripled the number of easybox units with which we closed the previous year, and in the approximately two and a half years since the launch of the service, we delivered over 8 million orders in easybox. Thus, we brought our partners closer to their customers and we delivered not only the ordered products, but also the childish joy of receiving the desired ones.

We are confident that the impact of easybox in the life of each recipient will contribute to the adoption of this service by a growing number of partners, as we have already seen happen. The time saved by buyers, the flexibility that the service offers, the high degree of technology and the reduction of the environmental footprint are just some of the reasons why we know that easybox will continue to be loved by the beneficiaries of our services.

Easybox is, in the words of Lucian Baltaru (CEO Sameday) “a service that I strongly believe in and that I want to develop more and more, in order to offer a better experience to the end consumer and support the growth of e-tail adoption in Romania ”. So, let’s enjoy the easybox 1000 and celebrate the next one thousand!